where there's a Wil(ona)
there's a way.

What we're about

We make marketing meaningful & memorable. 


No spam posting.

No inauthentic content.

No b.s. marketing.

No shortcuts.


We curate sustainable strategies, cultivate communities, and craft content that leverages the power brands have to make real impacts on their business through social.

Why Wilona

We care. A lot.


Wilona came to life with the purpose of providing relief for business owners. Too often, executives are forced to wear many hats and have multiple responsibilities that come along with maintaining and growing the social presence of the business.  Managing, creating, & engaging on platforms consistently is time-consuming and as a result, showing up online is put on the back burner. 


This is where we come in! We're your in-house social marketing team.

As an extension of your team, we strive to be the most authentic representation while amplifying what you have to offer, impacting revenue, and getting more eyes on your brand.

Meet the founder

Hi, I'm Ashley!  I’m the founder and owner of Wilona Marketing.


As someone that has always had an eye for marketing, building my agency has been a bi-product of my experience, creativity, and genuine belief in the power of digital platforms’ ability to move the needle for businesses.


With a BA in Business Marketing, Masters in Digital Communications/Social Media, and first-hand experience in the PR industry, I’ve become a marketer that thinks outside of the box and crafts strategies that back real business goals.

As a social strategist, I blend both data and creativity into our agency approach that provides clients with a unique edge in the digital game. It's the perfect ratio of science and art. 

I can't wait to hear about the vision you have for your business...let's make it a reality.

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 Why you
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